Little North Hope Junior Musher Camp – Winter 2012

Our winter Little North Hope Junior Musher Camp was successfully held this January!

We were happy to see those who had been with us in the summer as well as those who came for the first time! The kids spent 10 wonderful days at North Hope Sled Dog Center learning sled dogs, dog care and kennel managing and their peculiarities in wintertime. Tried themselves in winter sled dog sports which ended up with a REAL sprint sled dog race! The winners were invited over to run the Little North Hope Race 2012 within the frameworks of our Annual North Hope Stage Sled Dog Race 2013.

The program also included a course on winter wilderness survival, winter clothing, arctic tourism and camping out with dogs that was practiced in a final camp-out trip with a dog sled. The kids learn to build igloos and snow shelters, read the night sky, listened to Eskimo legends, competed in a snow sculpture contest, made Christmas gifts and Christmas treats for dogs and made a huge celebration for them on Jan.7, had various art and craft workshops including arctic origami workshop and many many more!

We all had lots of snow, lots of fun and lots of dog kisses! You know now how fluffy and happy the sled dogs are when winter comes, when their whiskers get caught with hoar and their eyes reflect the crystal winter sky.

Don’t leave us for too long! We’ll waiting for you at our summer Little North Hope Junior Musher Camp scheduled for June 2012!

We thank everyone involved, especially the boys – graduates from our orphanage who were a BIG HELPING HAND again!