Little North Hope Summer Junior Musher Camp 2011

The first Little North Hope Junior Musher Camp was successfully held in North Hope Sled Dog Center this June! The kids from different places in Russia spent two weeks in North Hope learning basic sled dogs, dog care and kennel management, mastering basic wilderness survival and eco-tourism skills, exploring wildlife and culture of the region, getting acquanted with everyday life of a remote province – helping at the kennel and farm, walking barefeet, drinking fresh milk and eating warm bread and fresh honey. And all this – in a everyday cooperation with the dogs they chose to be their friends and care for during the program.

The program also included art and craft workshops, team-building exercises, equipment making lessons, rich sport section – canicross, carting, canoeing, dog-trekking, and many many more.  We even made doggy cookies!!

The camp had a great success and on behalf of our dogs and staff we thank all the kids that were with us on this adventure and congratulate everyone involved!

We are also proud to tell that we had the best instructors on Earth – graduates from our orphanage Dima Zapletin, Slava Goots and Misha Sypko. We also thank our youngsters Sasha Buzin and Lyosha Shorokhov for helping us all the way!

The worst thing is parting but we hope to see you all at the Winter Little North Hope Junior Musher Camp scheduled for January 2012!

Check out some great pic!