Sled Dogs Through Kids Eyes

North Hope is holding a drawing contest for kids called “Sled Dogs ThroughSled Dogs Through Kids Eyes Kids Eyes”. The goal of the contest is to give kids a chance to express themselves, to share their inner creative views on the world through drawing sled dogs and open the tiny doors of their shy but talented hearts to the big world.

We’d be more than happy to have kids from other countries joining in and to make the kids all over the world united in one creative urge inspired with the beauty of nature.

Please, send your artworks to [email protected] The winners will be announced at the awarding ceremony of the North Hope Race 2011 on the first day of spring – March 1!

We already got the first works from some of Russian schools and orphanages. Enjoy the gallery here.

News sponsoring the North Hope Race 2011!

DOGBOOTIES.COM sponsoring the North Hope Race 2011!

dogbooties.comWe are happy to introduce our new friend to you – DOGBOOTIES.COM with LOUISE RUSSELL in lead!

Louise started her business in 1993 making sled dog equipment like dog jackets, blankets, collars, leashes, harnesses, etc but mainly – the highest quality DOG BOOTIES and has been engaged in great charitable activity since 2001.

This year Louise and her has become a North Hope Race sponsor donating hundreds of dog booties to North Hope and the race participants!

God bless you and welcome on board!