North Hope Sled Dog Center and Sled Dog Sport Federation of Kostroma Region with the support of American mushers, veterans of the Iditarod, Australian Sleddog Sport Association, International sled Dog Veterinary Medical Association present:

International North Hope Stage Sled Dog Race 2010 for the benefit of orphans!

Dates: Feb.22 — March 1, 2010

Location: Kostroma region, Russia

Distance: 230km

Class: 6-dog

Race Marshal: Terry Hinesly, USA

Chief Vet: Caroline Griffitts, USA

13 entries. Of them: 4 in individual class, 6 international teams, 1 skijorer, 2 malamute teams in a separate pure-bred competition. 4 US mushers, 2 mushers from Canada.

1. Oleg Tyuryumin, Irkutsk, Russia

2. Alyona Lavrova, Moscow, Russia

3. Mikhail Bragin, Podol’sk, Russia

4. Olga Buyakina, Vladimir, Russia

5. Nikolai Ivanisov, Kostroma region, Russia/Lisa Joinson, Canada

6. Yuriy Gagarin, Kostroma region, Russia/Joe Farrel,CO, USA

7. Dmitriy Zapletin, North Hope, Russia/Jerry Joinson, Canada

8. Dmitriy Polyakov, North Hope, Russia/Megan Garbarino, CO, USA

9. Maria Bakuneva, Moscow, Russia/Barbara Shaefer, CA, USA

10. Sergey Ol’shevskiy, North Hope, Russia/Leslie Fields, CO, USA

11. Tat’yana Khryaschyova, Kostroma, Russia

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