North Hope Kennel and Sled Dog Sport Federation of Kostroma region with the support of American mushers, veterans of the Iditarod, Australian Sleddog Sport Association, International Sled Dog Veterinary Medical Association and Russian Canine Federation present:

International North Hope Stage Sled Dog Race for the benefit of orphans!terry adkins_mikhail bragin

The first time ever in the world of dogsledding — International team competition! Russian mushers share their teams with American mushers, running the stages alternately!

Dates: February 22-27, 2009

Location: Neya area, Kostroma region, Russia

Distance: 200 km

Class: 6-dog

Race Marshal: Terry Hinesly, USA

Chief Vet: Caroline Griffitts, ISDVMA, USA


  • Individual competition
  • International team competition
  • Extreme skijoring-200 «Iron Will»

20 entries: 7 individual mushers, 8 international teams, 5 skijorers.

1. Alyona Lavrova, Moscow, Song of the North, Russia

2. Mikhail Sypko, North Hope, Kostroma region, Russia

3. Sergey Sobov, Rifus, Moscow, Russia

4. Ivan Molodtsov, Kostroma, Russia

5. Evgeniy Valeyev, Tver’ region, Russia

6. Gennadiy Shevtchenko, Ryazan’ region, Russia

7. Alexander Anikin, Alanshere Kennel, Murmansk region, Russia

8. Mikhail Bragin, Moscow region, Russia/Terry Adkins, MT, USA

9. Vyacheslav Demchenko, Moscow region, Russia/Frank Teasley,WY, USA

10. Mikhail Kaldayev, Karelia, Russia/Barbara Shaefer, CA, USA

11. Alexey Kotov, North Hope, Kostroma region, Russia/Cameron Byers, CA, USA

12. Olga Sorokina, King’s Pride, Kostroma region, Russia/Stacy Teasley, WY, USA

13. Dmiltriy Zapletin, North Hope, Kostroma region, Russia/Megan Garbarino, CO, USA

14. Evgeniy Alexeyev, Moscow region, Russia/Leslie Fileds, CO, USA

15. Maria Bakuneva, Moscow region, Russia/Jean Wise, MT, USA

16. Nikolai Belyaev, Moscow, Russia

17. Evgeniy Belov, St.Petersburg, Russia

18. Tat’yana Khryashyova, North Hope, Kostroma region, Russia

19. Sergey Mokiyenko, St.Petersburg, Russa

20. Irina Voronova, North Hope, Kostroma region, Russia

The race program included a highly topical program of seminars and conferences on sled dogs and the adjusting fields (Vet issues, Equipment, Canistherapy), a panel discussion on Dog Training Strategies and Sled Dog Clinic for the orphan kids and for all comers.

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Race 2009 Photogallery

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Sled Dogs Helping Children