North Hope Stage Race for the benfit of orphans becomes international!diane's start

Dates: February 6-11, 2008

Location: Neya area, Kostroma region, Russia

Distance: 180 km

Class: 6-dog

Race Marshal: Igor Tchebukhin, Russia

8 entries from 4 different regions of Russia and a musher from Australia, a secretary of the Australian Sleddog Sport Association — Diane Baker, running a North Hope team of Alaskan huskies, raised and trained by the boy from our orphanage Sasha Buzin.

1. Alexander Anikin, Alanshere Kennel, Murmansk region, Russia

2. Mikhail Bragin, Moscow region, Russia

3. Mikhail Koldayev, Big Adventure, Karelia, Russia

4. Vyacheslav Demchenko, Moscow region, Russia

5. Mikhail Sypko, North Hope, Kostroma region, Russia

6. Albert Ayupov, Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia

7. Mikhail Khomenyuk, Kids Extreme Project, Kostroma region, Russia

8. Diane Baker, Schusski Kennel, ASSA, Australia

kids showNot only did the boys from our orphanage helped preparing the race but they actively participated in it: as mentioned above Misha Sypko competed with adult mushers running his team of Siberians, Dima Zapletin won the first place in junior skijoring competition, where Lyosha Shorokhov took the second prize. Anton Kirpichev was the Chief Judge’s Assistant at the race. Lyosha Kotov, Sasha Buzin and Vasya Zaitsev were helping in the starting chute. Besides, the boys prepared a nice show for the opening ceremony.

Diane Baker’s impressions of the event:diane

“I was very fortunate to be invited from Australia to compete in the North Hope Sled Dog Race. The scenery and trail was amazing as well as challenging. I enjoyed this race very much as it tested and developed my skills in snow, and with a new team of dogs. During the race I developed a strong bond and trust with this 6 dog team and even though I don’t speak Russian the dogs understood what I wanted. . The dogs and I learnt a lot about trust and working as one team to achieve a difficult task. I thank the dogs for working with me to finish this event and the children for allowing me to race their dogs. I also thank North Hope for inviting me and allowing me to test my mashing skills in an environment that I will never experience in Australia. I would recommend this event to every Russian Musher, it was very well organized, the trails great to run on and the scenery magnificent. I hope to return to Russia to compete in this event again”.

Check out the coverage by a Kostroma TV-crew. Enjoy!

Race 2008 Photogallery

Sled Dogs Helping Children