Sport program offers training programs for mushers of different levels of qualification and experience. In winter season: dog team trainings (2-4-6-8 dog classes), skijoring – a skier is pulled by a dog, dogtracking – journeys with sled dogs on foot, hiking, backpacking in cross-country terrain. In summer season: canicross – cross-country running when hitched to a sled dog, scootering and carting with a dog team, dogtracking. It is possible to train your own dogs as well as involve the dog of the North Hope Sled Dog Center — Siberian and Alaskan huskies and Alaskan malamutes on the well prepared trails of different milages and difficulty levels.  All the routes have been prepared with consideration for the age groups of the sportsmen, experience, skills and levels of qualification. Sled dog equipment and all the necessary tools for activities with dogs can be leased in the North Hope Sled Dog Center.

Sled Dogs Helping Children