Orthodox program offers a concise course called “Sunday School for Kids and Adults”. The program is oriented at both churched and unchurched children and adults. Leisure activity is combined with careful exposure and inclusion to orthodox traditions. Daily fulfilling brief prayer rule, reading the Gospel and Lives of Saints. Attending church services, participation in the sacraments of Confession and Communion. A possibility to use materials from our orthodox library, sound and video library.

Getting acquianted with orthodox holy places and relics of the region. There are 3 functioning orthodox churches: St. Nicholas Church of Kotkishevo village(1809); a newly built Church of St.Spyridon of Trymithous in the town of Neya; and a Church of St. Ignatius (Bryanchaninov), Neya.

The program also offers a range of piligrim journeys to the following destinations: one of the most ancient convents of Russia – Convent of Makarius of the Unzha (town of Makar’yev); road trip to the ancient city of Kostroma named “Holy place of Kostroma”: visiting the Ipat’yev Monastery – the cradle of the Romanov dynasty – the last emperial dynasty to rule over Russia; Epiphany Cathedral of Fyodorovskaya Theotokos, walking tours and road trips to the abandoned churches of the region.

Sled Dogs Helping Children