A golden opportunity for families to spend vacations in an ecologically clean place in a company of wonderful northern sled dogs!

In summer: Dog-trekking trips and 1,3 or 5 day hikes with dogs into the pine forests, to the peat lakes, cranberry bogs, beaver dams and the sacred spring; mushrooms and berries hunting; swimming in pure taiga rivers; hunting with a camera; birds-watching; fishing, kayaking; a trip through the ghost villages and abandoned churches; attending services in St. Nicholas and St. Spyridon of Trimifunt Churches, visiting North Hope Sled Dog Kennel and our goat farm.

In winter: breath-taking skiing, skijoring or mushing trips deep into the virgin woods, to the winter lake, along the route of the International North Hope Stage Sled Dog Race; visiting North Hope Sled Dog Kennel and our goat farm and many more!

We also offer an ecologically clean traditional Russian home-made menu.

Sled Dogs Helping Children