Junior Musher CampJunior Musher School, Junior Musher Camp — an educational recreational program for children of different ages, the main directions and activities of which are as follows: introducing children into the world of sled dogs, teaching the basics of sled dog sport and getting acquainted with the history and life of Polar regions; teaching children basic tourist and survival skills and developing of the eco-conscious attitude to the world around us; developing of the individual potential; psychological release of «city kids» and other categories of problem children, helping to recover from urban stress and man-made impacts; getting acquainted with rural life; team building; canistherapy; art-therapy; crafts-making; getting acquainted with orthodoxy, local folklore and history; sightseeing; etc.

The program was developed with the help of professional psychologists.

All the activities are performed under the supervision of experienced guides.

Special needs childrenA Program of Developing Personality Potential of the Challenged Children.

Main objective: expanding social experience of the special needs children, boosting their social growth applying canistherapy and art-therapy methods against the background of wild nature.

Main tasks: Diagnostic: psychological and pedagogical study of a child.

Intervention: 1. Development of methods of learning social experience in the interaction with dogs, people, wildlife and objects of social realm; 2. Development of compensatory mechanisms of psychic and activity formation in a special needs child.

Educational: 1. Forming a knowledge system and a system of generalized representations of the social realm in a child; 2. Development of cognitive activity.

Directions of activity: Boosting the development of: emotional sphere; communication skills; level of self-knowledge, self-conception and self-control.

Methods: canistherapy, art-therapy, ecotourism.

Optional: Attending services, participation in sacraments.

All the activities are performed under supervision of experienced guides and a professional psychologist.

**A Program for Parents of Special Needs Children is also available

A Program of Social and Psychological Rehabilitation for Orphans, Social Orphans and «Risk Group» Children

Sled Dogs Helping Children