Welcome to the Little North Hope Junior Musher Camp!

Welcome to the Little North Hope Summer Junior Musher Camp!

Little North Hope is a program for those who is in love with wildlife, is ready to explore the world around and inside of himself, unravel the mysteries of the wise Northern woods and learn to live in them.
Alaskan and Siberian huskies and Alaskan Malamutes — old friends of the people of the North since ancient times that have been helping them in various life situations — will be guiding you into the thrilling world of wildlife.
They will teach true friendship and team spirit. Together you’ll be rushing to the finish line in a REAL sled dog race. They will take you on a camp-out trip into the woods full of adventures and challanges. And many-many more!
Every morning YOUR DOG will be waiting for you to give you the whole world: tell you the secrets of the white snow and blue eyes, eskimo legends and tales of Alaska gold just to get a little bit of your warmth and care in return.
You will be living through each day TOGETHER and will never ever forget each other hence.
See ya in June 2011 in North Hope Sled Dog Center!