Ooshkie and Snezhka from North Hope sharing the warmth of their hearts with the kids from Neya orphan asylum!

On March 25th two Siberian huskies from North Hope went to Neya to share the warmth of their hearts with kids from the local orphan asylum.

It was founded in early 2000 to be the home for the kids who were taken away from their parents and were waiting for the court decision on the question of their parents’ parental rights and on whether or not they would go back to their parents, unfair but still loved, or would be doomed to set off  for a sad journey to the state orphanages of the region…

The kids watched a presentation on sled dogs and the way they used to help and still help people, learned how to choose and put on collars and harnesses, and skijor belts, tried themselves in canicross, etc.

Then after an exciting run, the kids snacked the dogs, gave them some water and it all ended in thankful cuddles and watching the films on sled dogs together, drinking tea with sweets.

The parting was not easy but it was an unforgettable experience for everyone and we will definately come back for a visit again!

Enjoy the pictures by Vera Kupriyanova here